February 2022

Zehn Ave Maria

Zehn Ave Maria

Landestheater Linz Austria 

Faith does not stand still. For many people, however, it is the constant that guides them through an eventful life, that holds communities together, and that families pass down through generations - even the youngest people today live in circumstances that their great-grandparents would never have dreamed of. In the organization of faith and confession through ecclesiastical authorities, however, lies the binding force that has characterized European history since the turn of the millennium. And it is precisely in Europe that the voices of those who struggle not only with faith but also with dogmas and structures became loud in the 20th century. They put their fingers into the wounds of an apparatus that often remains opaque. In Austria in 1995, a part of the church people is stirring in a way never seen before. They did not want to split off, but to integrate themselves into a structure that had been hierarchical for centuries. A democratic awakening, among Catholics of all people.
A quarter of a century later, democratic awakenings, even outside the Church, have become fewer. Individually, people are wrestling as fiercely as ever with the world and with faith. Yet each story is unique. But where are the commonalities? Is the universal church an organism or a collection of such?

Regie: Hans-Werner Kroesinger
Regieassistance: Nina Metger, Frouke Busch
Text: Regine Dura
Scenography, video and costumes: Rob Moonen
Assistance: Katja Bozic
Music: Nebojša Krulanovic
Dramaturgy: Martin Mader

Jakob Kajetan Hofbauer
Corinna Mühle
Cecilia Pérez
Christian Taubenheim
Angela Waidmann
Lutz Zeidler